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Name:For Squares
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Community description:Icons and other graphics

welcome to forsquares
Maharet83's graphic community
You'll mostly find icons, though I sporadically post wallpapers and tutorials. If there are things you're curious about, feel free to ask, and if you like what you see, watch the community!

They brighten my day :)


If you're wondering about something, ask and I'll tell you if I can. PSDs are member's only.

Is rude. Please play nice.

If you use anything. It will help people to find their way here; If you don't know how, I'll happily explain. I can't tell you how many times I've browsed someone's userpics, spotted something and gone oh so pretty! Who made this? only to have there be no credit.

Don't repost on Tumblr, fanpop, boards or other websites.
(userimages is just fine everywhere, I mean reposting whole batches. It's happened :/)

If you're wondering about something feel free to ask. I might not remember what I've done with a specific icon, but I'll help out if I can.

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