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May. 3rd, 2012 09:25 pm
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Made in Photoshop CS4. I'm not explaining where you find the various tools, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, when I set a layer, unless I say otherwise it's set to 100% opacity.

From to .

We start with an image of Sarah visiting Derek in jail in Queen's Gambit. I copy the base and paste it onto a 100x100 canvas, resizing it to my liking.

Maybe I was too lazy to try and recreate her hair, I don't remember, but I wound up using the smudge tool to drag the color of the walls up, covering both sides. Caps with uniform backgrounds are excellent for extending caps, opening up for all sorts of nifty crops and of course negative space mmm. No need to be too fancy here, as I'll be covering parts of it later.


I then added this texture(no credit I'm sorry) and set it to screen, duplicating the layer three times, for a total of four layers, all set to screen.

I copy paste all the layers(CTRL+SHIFT+C and then CTRL+V). We now have

I make a color fill layer(82ca9c) and set it to soft light.

+ ->

After that I add a curves layer to start brightening things up a bit.

RGB output 92 input 89 | output 166 input 141

I also add a vibrancy layer, vibrance +61

I then copy the base with the texture, drag it on top and set it to soft light. I add another vibrancy layer, vibrancy +5.

The green really isn't popping, and her face is very bland. Wanting to pump up the colors and get some more definition to her face, I make a selective color layer.

REDS: Magneta 24, black 3
YELLOW: yellow -3
GREENS: cyan 75, magneta -6, yellow 66, black 2

The background is now more colorful, and Sarah has a more natural skin tone.

I add a color balance layer to keep working on her face, and to add some more contrast.

SHADOWS: red -1, blue 12
MIDTONES: red 5, green 2, blue -9

Wanting to fill the empty space above Sarah, I copy paste all the layers(CTRL+SHIFT+C and then CTRL+V), flip it horizontally, and then use the resize tool to position within the white area above her head. I set it to multiply, so the whites won't overlap Sarah, and use a soft round brush to round off the edges. (if you have a shaky hand it would be a good idea to use a layer mask, that way you can change it later on if you're not satisfied)

I wanted to brighten the right side a bit, so I made a new layer and painted a bit of white on the side, used gaussian blur until it looked the way I wanted and set it to soft light. (this is what it looks like on a black background)


Yeah yeah I know most people don't see the difference :p I want some more contrast(eep I tend to overdo contrast tbh), so I add another selective color layer.

NEUTRALS: black 4
BLACK: black 7

To brighten it up a bit I add a brightness/contrast layer

After which I copy paste all layers and sharpen it to my liking. I used unsharpen mask set to amount 50% radius 1, and faded it to my liking. And so this is our result!

I have a questions/requests post here if you're wondering about something else. Oh! And this!

smallbatchicons request fest is now live
If you're looking for some icon inspiration, or if you have that rare fandom/character/pairing you can never find icons for, now is your chance!

Open until Friday May 11. Come play with us!

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