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Made with Photoshop CS5, though no selective coloring used. Beginner to intermediate(must know where to find layers, etc.)

We're going from to .

I'm using this cap.

I expand the canvas on top(you can also just cop and paste the cap onto a bigger canvas), and used a combination of the clone stamp tool and the eydrop/brush(both set to soft to avoid hard edges) to surround Mitchell with nothing but blue, like so.

Pasted him onto a 100x100 canvas, resized and placed him square in the middle.

Copied the base and set it to Multiply 60%.

Copied base again, set to screen 100%. Sharpened it slightly.

Added a Vibrancy level 27% for some more color.

Copy merged and pasted(Ctrl+A+Shift) and set to Soft Light 100%. Go to Image-Adjustment-Curves and lighten the layer. My settings were RGB input 126 output 169.

it still didn't have the desired brightness, so I went to Image-Adjustment-Levels and set the far right slider to 223.

I then blurred the layer to get a slight blurry shine. Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur, set to 1,1.

You see he looks too blurry now, but I copy merged and pasted(Ctrl+A+Shift), and let that layer stay on normal. I then sharpened it until I felt it looked right(just play around with the settings and don't listen to me as I always end up slightly blurry or over-sharpened :p).

I copied the previous layer, lightened it to my liking with Curves and set it to Soft Light 55%.

Added a Vibrancy layer set to 44.

Mitchell still looked a bit pale(OK yes, he's a vampire. shuddup.) and the background too uniform, so I added a texture by [ profile] lessrest, flipping it horizontally and using the smudge tool to cover all of Mitchell's face with the red like so

I set the texture to Soft Light 22%, and this is the end result:

In hindsight, it might have done with some yellow added in there, as it's still a bit blueish. Not very complex, but a basic coloring. I'll give a more textured or layered tut a go another day, and I'd love to see what you make with this, if you give it a go :)

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Date: 2011-05-06 03:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] falena
Lovely tutorial, clear and concise. I'm saving it for later use. Thanks!

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